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I'm a Global Citizen Competition - I'm a Global Citizen!

I'm a Global Citizen!

The Competition

The Competition is launched today on December 20th now so you have plenty of time to get Align Centerready for it!

The name of the competition is ‘I’m a Global Citizen’ and we would like you to tell us about how you are a global citizen in the following ways:

You can choose from one of the 4 ways of telling us how you are a Global Citizen and if your entry is chosen as one the top three from your country from each category, you will stand a chance to win our top three prizes of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Global Winners!

Here’s what you can do to enter our competition

1. Make a poster

2. Write an article for a magazine or a newspaper

3. Write a poem or a song

4. Make a visual presentation – a PPT or a slideshow or a video

Basic rules of the competition ...

Here are the rules. There aren't many so we hope you will abide by them:

General Rules

1. Only one entry per person choosing one of the categories of entry below
2. You must inform your teacher that you will enter the competition and name that teacher on your Application Form which is also available from the top bar menu from the home page of this website under Competition
3. You must be between the ages of 11-17
4. You must complete your competition task by July 31st 2009 but you may complete it earlier if you wish – this will depend on your teacher’s decision.
5. Competition entries must be submitted in the format described in the ‘Competition Entry Format’ in the next section.
6. When you have completed you entry, you should hand it to your teacher who will send it, together with other entries from students in your class and/or school to the British Council Connecting Classrooms East Asia office at the address indicated below in the 'How to send your Competition Entry' section below

Competition Entry Format ...

Please ensure that your competition entries are in the following format:

1. Poster - the poster should be on A3 sized paper using any materials but please make sure that it can be seen clearly when either digitally photographed or scanned

2. Article for a magazine or a newspaper - this should be typed using MS Word or similar word processing package such as Open Office and may contain images. The must be no more than 3 digital images in your article. The article should be no fewer than 100 words and no more than 500 words

3. Poem or a song. This can be either written using
MS Word or similar word processing package such as Open Office or recited or sung and recorded on an audio format electronic file. The only format accepted is MP3. The song or poem must be no longer than 3 minutes in duration when recited or sung.

4. Visual Presentation – this can be an MS PowerPoint or Open Office presentation or a slideshow or a video. The presentation or slideshow must contain no more than 15 slides or electronic images. The video must be no longer than 3 minutes in duration. Accepted formats for the slideshow or video are MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV, or FLV

How to send your Competition Entry

When you have completed your British Council Connecting Classrooms Global Citizen Competition application form and completed your competition task, please hand it to your teacher in the following format:

1. Poster - A3 hard copy format or digital format, either as a digital photo or a scanned digital image on CDROM

2. Article for a magazine or a newspaper - digital format using MS Word or similar word processing package such as Open Office on CDROM

3. Poem or a song.
digital format using MS Word or similar word processing package such as Open Office as text or as audio as an MP3 file on CDROM.

4. Visual Presentation – digital format as described in the section above on CDROM or DVD

When your teacher has all of the entries and is ready to send them, they should send them to the British Council Connecting Classrooms East Asia office No Later then July 31st 2009:

British Council
Connecting Classrooms
East Asia

254 Chulalongkorn Soi 64
Siam Square, Phyathai Road



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Committee Board

Project Manager:
Mr. Ling Tung Kong

Assistant Project Manager:
Mrs. Hajijah Mokhtar
(Pen. Kanan Kurikulum)
Mr. Rafaei Ismail
(Penyelia Petang)

Teacher Coordinator:
Miss Haliza Zulkefly

Assistant Teacher Coordinator:
Mr. Mohana Ram

ICT Teacher:
Mr. Tan Ken Chai

Language Teacher:
Miss Rekhawati Ali

Secretary (1st Cohort):
Mrs. Crispin Ah Lian

Secretary (2nd Cohort):
Miss Chua Sian Ping

Miss Rozianna Saari
Mrs. Margaret Duri

Miss Tiong Soon King
Mr. Hamidi Alias

All Subject Teachers

1st Cohort - Facilitators

· Mrs. Rohayu (Malay Language)

· Mr. Mohana Ram (English Language)

· Mrs. Leng Luang Yeok (Mathematics)

· Mrs. Nik Rafidah (History)

· Mr. Mohd Fauzi (Geography)

· Mrs. Crispin Ah Lian (Science)

· Mrs. Maria Begelin (KHB)

· Miss Lailey (Civic Education)

· Mr. Badrul Hisham (Islamic Education)

· Mr. Suhairi Sulong (Morale Education)

· Miss Tiong Soon King (Art)

· Miss Wan Zaini (PE)

· Miss Roziana Saari (ICTL)

1st Cohort - Students

· Alvinatasha Ak Christopher

· Andrea Siang Yuen Yuen

· Andy Lau Kiew Chuan

· Annie Tiong Shi Yi

· Audrey Ting Sze Sze

· Bernadatte Jawai Ak Lawrence

· Derrick Kueh Tze Shen

· Dyg Hajar Farzanatul Bt Medhi

· Elva Josephine Ak Nasoh

· Faye Loo Wei Qing

· Hii Hiong Cien

· Ivan Lau Wen Wen

· Jacqualine Bunga Ak Stephen

· Janet Loh Mee King

· Janice Ngen Jiaying

· Jeffery Chai Hong Tat

· Joyce Sia Jia Yi

· Kelly Ting Jia Li

· Kiu Ke Ting

· Kueh Nyiik Xiong

· Lau Yee Sieng

· Lily Tiong

· Melissa Luai Ak Devid Melina

· Muhammad Anis Bin Abdul Ghani

· Ngen Chian Lik

· Nurul Akmal Bt Safian

· Sharron Ak Jeremy

· Shirly Hii Ping Ting

· Swantianne Willy Ak Badi

· Timorthy Ak Bandang

· Yasmin Bt Ramzi

2nd Cohort - Facilitators

· Miss Suhaida Jusoh (Malay Language)

· Miss Haliza Zulkefly (English)

· Mrs. Leng Luang Yeok (Mathematics)

· Miss Wan Zaini (History)

· Miss Chua Sian Ping (Geography)

· Mrs. Nafisah Ngah (Science)

· Mrs. Maria Begelin (KHB)

· Mr. Zahari (Civic Education)

· Mrs. Hasmah (Islamic Education)

· Mr. Jalailuddin (Morale Education)

· Mr. Hamidi Alias (Art)

· Mr. Affezul Fathy (PE)

· Mrs. Margaret Duri (ICTL)

2nd Cohort - Students

· Anis Hanisah Binti Arbi

· Arenia Jaili

· Awangku Muhammad Rafiuddin

· Azmah Binti Ali

· Bratcher Mark Webster

· Camille Hamson Anak Enggi

· Carolyne Anak Edmund Napi

· Ceceilia Ling Xin Yun

· Christina Lee Siaw Lin

· Cosmas Laing Jok

· Darrenrino Wong Anak Menis

· Eileen Ong Yi Ning

· Emellia Tamoh Anak Ngigang

· Gillfera Luke Anak Gerina

· Hamizah Binti Hamdan

· Lawrence Matius Jok

· Lester Ajang Anak Ludut

· Michelle Paya Tom Billy

· Noria Lina Ak Wilfred Ukir

· Norshida Binti Maslan

· Nur Fajrina Binti Johari

· Nur Nadhirah Atika Bt Hj Jasni

· Nur Sabrina Binti Hai'adz

· Nur Aina'a Binti Mus

· Nurul Aida

· Pang Ing Ing

· Rachel Ak Christopher Jerry

· Radhwa Binti Muhammad Farid

· Saniika A/P Renganadan

· Sh. Nursyazwani Shahirah

· Steward Mandie Anak Joseph

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